Things to Do in Kasauli

Want an escape from the hustle and bustle of city suburbs? Kasauli, a small town in Himachal Pradesh, is your one-stop destination to attain all the peace and quiet you have always wanted. The town is surrounded by extraordinary beauty and picturesque hill stations. Its trademark lies in its serenity, pleasant weather and colonial charm. There are umpteen things to do in Kasauli during your getaway, including savouring a breath of fresh air and enjoying leisure time with your friends and family! Whether you want to indulge in its historical heritage or engage in fun activities, Kasauli has something in store for everyone.

Kasauli Brewery

Established in the 1920s during the British Empire, Kasauli Brewery has earned recognition as the oldest brewery in Asia. ‘Lion Beer’, Asia’s first beer brand, and ‘Solan No 1’, India’s first single malt whiskey, witnessed their first production in this brewery. Its historical significance makes it a must-visit destination if you’re in Kasauli. Upon your visit, you can grab a chance to learn about their unique brewing process and also get to sample some Indian beers and whiskies. A visit here should be high on your list of activities to do in Kasauli.

A beer placed on a counter at Kasauli Brewery
Cycling at Gilbert Trail

Trekking - Gilbert Trail and Sunset Point

Trekking on Gilbert Trail is a delight in itself. About 1.5 km long, it is surrounded by lush green vegetation and passes through beautiful, dense forests of oak, pine and rhododendron. Hikers can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys. The trail is fairly intermediate, which means it’s suitable for those with some trekking experience. On your path, you can catch sight of birds, including the Indian cuckoo, the Himalayan magpie and the red-vented bulbul. Wildlife photographers are in for a treat here. If you want to extend your trip, there are picnic spots and camping sites located along the trail. Be sure to stop at the sunset point on Gilbert Trail, which is often described as heaven on earth, to watch nature’s beauty at its best. With vivid wildflowers all around and the unmatched sunset hues that paint the sky, this trek is one of the best adventure activities in Kasauli that is worth every second!

Christ’s Church

Located in the heart of Kasauli on Mall Road, Christ’s Church is regarded as the oldest church in Himachal Pradesh. Dating back to 1853, it was built in the Gothic style of architecture with stunning interiors complete with stained glass and exemplary mirror work. The structure is in the shape of a cross with a clock tower atop the building. If you visit Kasauli, do not miss Christ’s Church, its design will prompt you to visualise what the world would have looked like back when it was built!

The interior of Christ Church
A monkey posing in the woods at Monkey Point

Monkey Point

Monkey Point is the highest peak in Kasauli, known for its temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It gets its name thanks to the legend that Lord Hanuman set foot on the Kasauli hilltop while returning from the Himalayas with the Sanjivani Booti. True to its name, you can spot numerous monkeys swinging in and around the vicinity. The hilltop is also a great place to admire scenic views of the city of Chandigarh, Kalka, Panchkula and Sutlej River. During your visit, just sit back and enjoy the serene mountains and tranquillity the place has to offer.

Mall Road Shopping

While most places in Kasauli have a calm atmosphere, an evening at Mall Road can be different. It’s a famous shopping hub in Kasauli that has a wide range of offerings. There are clothing stores, electronics, handcrafted products, jewellery, books, footwear, gift shops, Tibetan carpet souvenirs and much more on offer! The 1.5km long stretch will keep you on your feet with the variety it possesses and if you need a break, you could spend time at cafes, bars and restaurants before you head back into the bustling market.

Cafes and restaurants on both sides of a narrow road
A toy train ride in front of a cottage

Toy Train Ride

The toy train was built in the early 1900s and is regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ride from Dharampur to Barog and back is a popular tourist activity where passengers navigate through beautiful scenery, including pine forests, idyllic villages, lush valleys and winding tunnels. It’s one of the best things to do in Kasauli if you want to immerse yourself in the gorgeousness of Mother Nature and relax your mind. You will be amazed to see how well-maintained the train is with decorative curtains, carpets and soft cushion seats to enhance customer satisfaction. The design of the train is visibly old, given its history dating back to the British colonial era, intriguing you to learn about its historical significance.

Tibetan Market Kasauli

Located in the lower part of Kasauli near Mall Road, the Kasauli Tibetan Market is famous for its Tibetan handicrafts like thangkas, prayer flags, jewellery, woollens such as sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves and other unique and affordable souvenirs. The crowd is lively and vibrant with a wide variety of retail options on offer. Additionally, you can also sample the diverse range of food options available at the numerous stalls. Some of the popular items include momos, thukpa and Tibetan bread. Mornings and mid-afternoons seem to be less crowded, making it ideal to visit and spend some quality time around the area.

The stalls at the Tibetan Market

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