Sip, Savour and Dance: Unveiling the Best Pubs in North Goa

As the sun sets over the golden beaches of North Goa, the real magic begins. The vibrant nightlife of this coastal haven comes alive and at the heart of it are the pulsating pubs that define the essence of celebration. Join us as we uncover the best pubs in North Goa, each offering a unique blend of ambience, culinary delights and an unparalleled party culture.

Tito's - The Epitome of Nightlife

Tito's is not just a pub; it's an institution in Goa's nightlife. Nestled in Baga, Tito's has been setting the standard for partying since time immemorial. The electric atmosphere, thumping Bollywood music and the lively crowd make it a quintessential Goan experience. With a dance floor that never sleeps, Tito's guarantees a night of unbridled fun. The service at Tito's is unmatched and the in-house DJs with extensive taste in Bollywood music make this a must-visit in North Goa.

DJ playing music at a club
People at a club

Mambos - Where Every Night Is Carnival

Adjacent to Tito's, Mambo's complements its legendary neighbour with a dance floor that beckons you to unleash your inner dancer. The eclectic music, combined with the vibrant crowd, creates an atmosphere that is both dynamic and infectious. The party at Mambo's never stops, making it a true testament to Goa's spirit. Don't be surprised if you find yourself grooving till the wee hours.

Soro - The Village - A Rustic Retreat

For those craving a more laid-back vibe, Soro - The Village in Assagao offers a rustic escape. This pub is a celebration of Goa's rich cultural heritage. The ambient lighting, comfortable seating and soul-stirring music create an atmosphere that's both intimate and festive. It's where the hip meets the hippie in a harmonious dance.

Girls at a party with drinks
Fireworks at a night party

Hammerz - The Rock Haven

If your heart beats to the rhythm of rock, Hammerz in Calangute is your sanctuary. With state-of-the-art sound systems like other night pubs in North Goa, it pulsates with beat-dropping music, making you tired yet full of energy to hit the floor for the next song. With a luxurious cocktail menu and renowned DJs, Hammerz is one of the best pubs to be at on a Saturday night!

LPK Waterfront - A Dance by the River

Imagine dancing under the stars by the banks of the Nerul River. LPK Waterfront in Candolim, one of the famous pubs in North Goa, offers just that. The vibrant setting, with its unusual mud and stone-inspired architecture, adds a touch of magic to the night. It's a dance by the river, accompanied by a curated menu and an extensive drinks list. Do not miss the New Year's Eve party the pub is hosting and enter 2024 in style, surrounded by friends or family. The moment of countdown to a fresh start with a hundred others is sure to give you chills.

Crowd raving at a party
Rosetum Hotel - Swimming pool at our hotel

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