Anjuna Flea Market

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Anjuna Flea Market is a haven for shoppers who wish to explore numerous items usually unavailable in a typical retail store. This market is set up every Wednesday (between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm), and travellers from across the country flock to this part of Goa. There are numerous items like clothes, headgear and necklaces. Before that, let’s take a brief look at the history of the flea market and how it came into existence.

A Brief History of Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

In the 1960s, Anjuna garnered popularity among western travellers who wished to explore eastern spirituality. These travellers often ran out of funds and started a barter system to exchange goods they needed during their stay in Goa. This system evolved into the Anjuna Wednesday Market or the Anjuna Flea Market, as its popularly known today. There are a few key points that give us insight into the history of the flea market and the products that were bartered. Usually, one would find an assortment of eclectic goods sold here. These items include bracelets, precious crystals, knives, and prayer beads, to name a few. Additionally, it was common to find booths that offer tattoos, body piercings and dreadlocks for hair.

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About the Flea Market

If you love collecting various trinkets, eclectic jewellery, and headgear, then this is the place for you! There are numerous stalls, each specialising in a specific set of goods. You can spend an entire day going through various stalls. Some of these stalls have a variety of goods that are native to Nepal and the Tibetan subcontinent. These stalls containing Tibetan goods are predominantly known for their artefacts, handloom, and singing bowls that are commonly used for healing processes! There are numerous headgears and masks that come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Aside from this, you can find stalls featuring a splendid variety of macramé jewellery. Macramé is a technique that involves knotting as opposed to the traditional method of weaving/knitting using different textiles.

For clothing enthusiasts, there are a plethora of stalls that take sarees and transform them into kurtas, dresses, shrugs and a lot more. This market is the perfect place to add a splash of pop to your current wardrobe. One of the most popular products that you could find in this flea market is jewellery made from beads. There are plenty of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made from beads. Most of these items are handmade and come in many colours. Shoppers need not worry about exhaustion, as many kiosks serve delectable local cuisine that will satiate your hunger pangs. These kiosks are the ideal spot to indulge in delicious seafood and savour some of the most popular Goan street food!

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Saturday Night Market in Arpora

Roughly 4 km from the Anjuna Flea Market, Arpora Night Market is the perfect place for those who wish to spend their weekend shopping at night. Aside from the usual items sold in these types of markets, there are plenty of restaurants and bars with live music, capturing the essence of Goa! This night market is another place guests can explore if they wish to shop on the weekends!

After a long day of exploring the market, you need the perfect place to rest and repose. Rosetum Anjuna is the perfect place as it is just 500 metres from Anjuna Beach and has some of the most luxurious rooms filled with top-notch amenities when you want to relax after a fun-filled day of shopping!