Top Places to Visit in Goa

Goa, often hailed as the ultimate beach paradise, has so much more to offer than just its breathtaking coastline. The golden sands and sparkling waves are undoubtedly a major draw, but this vibrant state is brimming with diverse experiences for every kind of traveller. Whether you're passionate about history, a lover of nature, or simply seeking a place to relax, Goa has something special for you. Let’s explore some of the top places to visit in Goa that will make your trip truly unforgettable. For a stay that’s just as memorable as your adventures, consider White Pearl Suites By Rosetum as your perfect home away from home.

Baga Beach

Baga Beach in North Goa is a vibrant hotspot known for its lively ambience, beautiful shoreline, and dynamic nightlife. This beach is perfect for a fun-filled vacation, offering activities like parasailing, jet skiing, and banana boat rides. You can also embark on dolphin spotting tours and island trips for added adventure. Away from the waves, Baga Beach is lined with beach shacks and restaurants serving fresh seafood, Goan delicacies, and international dishes, all with stunning ocean views. Shopping enthusiasts will find an array of beachwear, souvenirs, designer stores, and local flea markets. As night falls, Tito's Lane comes alive with bustling bars, pubs, and nightclubs, making it a must-visit for partygoers.

A beach scene in Goa, India with palm trees in the background and people in the foreground.
A pile of beads in different colors on a table

Anjuna Flea Market

The Anjuna Flea Market is a legendary bazaar that pulsates with the vibrant energy of the 1960s hippie movement. Back then, it was a bartering ground for handcrafted goods and souvenirs. Today, it has transformed into a bustling marketplace that beckons not just tourists but also locals. Here, you'll find a treasure trove of items, from trendy clothes and accessories to handcrafted jewellery and dreamcatchers. Homeware enthusiasts can find rugs, tapestries, and brass figurines, while art lovers can discover paintings and photographs by local Goan artists. After your shopping spree, unwind on the beautiful Anjuna Beach or grab a drink at Curlies Restaurant & Bar to soak in the mesmerising sunset views.

Fort Aguada


Perched on Sinquerim Beach, Fort Aguada is a stunning 17th-century Portuguese fort that offers a glimpse into Goa's rich history along with breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. Visiting Fort Aguada is like stepping back in time. As you walk through its entrance, the massive ramparts provide sweeping views of the coastline. Inside the fort, you'll discover the remains of bastions, magazines, and a secret passageway. The fort also includes a former prison, which is no longer in use. Maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), parts of the fort are well-preserved, and there's a museum displaying artefacts from the Portuguese era. Located about 18 km from Panaji, Goa's capital, Fort Aguada is easily accessible by taxi, bus, or rented bike.

Aguada Fort, Goa, a massive 17th century fort overlooking the sea.
Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa, a white church with black and white facade.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

The Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa stands as a remarkable symbol of history, religion and architectural grandeur. Located in Old Goa, this iconic church holds the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a significant pilgrimage destination for Christians. Dedicated to "God Jesus" the basilica is famous for housing the remains of St. Francis Xavier, a renowned missionary and co-founder of the Society of Jesus. Every ten years, his exceptionally well-preserved body is exhibited in a silver casket, drawing crowds of devotees from across the world. Inside, the spacious interiors and stunning artworks create a serene and reverent atmosphere. A visit to the Basilica of Bom Jesus is a must for anyone interested in history, architecture, or religion.

Spice Plantations


Beyond exploring famous Goa tourist places, beaches and nightlife you can discover its rich agricultural heritage by visits to spice plantations. Imagine wandering through lush greenery, surrounded by the fragrance of cardamom, cinnamon, and clove, while knowledgeable guides share cultivation secrets and usage. At Savoi Spice Plantation, a historic estate, delve into traditional farming methods and enjoy a Goan lunch served on a banana leaf. Tropical Spice Plantation, nestled in the Western Ghats, offers a diverse array of spices, medicinal herbs, and an option for an elephant ride. Sahakari Spice Farm provides a glimpse into a working plantation, complete with a nursery and traditional Goan lunch. To make the most of your visit, consider visiting the plantations during the harvest season, which typically runs from November to March.

Close-up of a spice plant

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