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Destination Wedding at Rosetum Hotels

A Wedding is a very intimate event that is celebrated with your near and dear ones. One of the best choices for a wedding is a Rosetum Wedding.

We understand the complications, surprises and hassles that go around planning weddings. Be it a large gathering or a private one, we, at Rosetum Hotels, will help you create a memory that would last you a lifetime.

An Unforgettable Wedding


A perfect wedding is incomplete without the perfect location. We, at Rosetum Hotels, provide different venue options, each unique in its own way. A wedding amidst nature or inside a commodious open hall, Rosetum Hotels offer the perfect venue for a destination wedding.

Rosetum - Destination wedding in an outdoor setting with seating arragements
Rosetum - Wedding dinner setting with perfectly set plates

Gourmet Meals

The culinary catering at a wedding can very well define the success of the auspicious celebration. At Rosetum Hotels, our premium restaurants offer a variety of cuisines to choose from. The curated menu items prepared by skilled chefs will help make the wedding deliciously memorable.

A Committed Team

Rosetum Hotels have a dedicated team of talented individuals who make sure each section of the planning is accurately executed from start to finish. Our team will take care of everything including internet services, audio-visual equipment, lighting, decor and food.

Rosetum - A decorated table at a wedding with flowers in a vase