Savouring Culinary Delights: The Most Famous Restaurants in North Goa

Goa, with its sun-kissed beaches and vibrant culture, is not just a destination for relaxation but also a culinary haven. While there are numerous dining options in this coastal paradise, some standalone restaurants and cafes in North Goa truly stand out for their culinary excellence. In this blog, we'll take you on a gastronomic journey, highlighting some of the best places to eat in North Goa.

Gunpowder, Assagao


Located in the charming village of Assagao, Gunpowder is a culinary gem renowned for its South Indian cuisine. The restaurant offers a delightful blend of flavours from Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. From spicy and tangy curries to delectable seafood dishes, Gunpowder takes your taste buds on a flavourful adventure. The ambience is rustic and cosy, making it the perfect spot for an intimate meal.

fish being fried in a pan
a seafood dish served on a pan

Vinayak Family Restaurant, Anjuna


If you're looking for an authentic Goan dining experience at one of the best restaurants in North Goa, Vinayak Family Restaurant in Anjuna is a must-visit. Known for its seafood dishes and traditional Goan cuisine, this restaurant serves up classics like Prawn Balchao, fish curry rice and Bebinca. The laid-back atmosphere and reasonable prices make it a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

La Plage, Ashwem Beach


For a taste of France in Goa, head to La Plage, one of the best cafes in North Goa. Nestled on the beautiful Ashwem Beach, this beachfront restaurant offers a delectable fusion of French and Goan flavours. The menu boasts a variety of seafood dishes, salads and cocktails. The cosy and bohemian ambience, coupled with stunning sea views, creates a magical dining experience.

food served on a table beside a water body
Rosetum Anjuna - Entrance to Vindaloo Restaurant

Vindaloo Restaurant, Rosetum Anjuna


While exploring the culinary scene in North Goa, don't miss Vindaloo Restaurant at Rosetum Anjuna. This charming eatery serves a delectable array of Indian and international dishes. Whether you're craving Indian curries or continental delights, Vindaloo Restaurant has something to satisfy every palate. The welcoming ambience and attentive service enhance the overall dining experience.

Speakeasy Sports Bar, Rosetum Anjuna


For those seeking a vibrant atmosphere and a wide range of beverages, Speakeasy Sports Bar at Rosetum Anjuna is a hotspot in North Goa. Whether you're a sports enthusiast or just looking for a place to unwind, this sports bar has it all. Enjoy live sports screenings, a diverse menu and a well-stocked bar that serves your favourite drinks and cocktails.

interior of Speakeasy bar at Rosetum Anjuna
interior of The Belle Mar at White Pearl Suites

The Belle Mar, White Pearl Suites


Nestled in White Pearl Suites, The Belle Mar is a beachfront restaurant that offers a delightful dining experience. With a focus on fresh seafood and international cuisines, the restaurant's menu caters to various tastes. Dine by the sea, savouring grilled seafood or indulging in continental dishes while enjoying the tranquil sound of the waves.

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North Goa's culinary landscape is a tapestry of flavours and cultures. These restaurants and cafes offer not just delectable food but also memorable dining experiences. From the flavours of South India to the fusion of French and Goan, there's something for every palate in this coastal paradise. So, explore, savour and make your dining adventures in North Goa unforgettable.