Amazing Places to Visit in Kasauli

lush green fields - Rosetum Kasauli

Gilbert Trail - 17 Minutes Drive
Gilbert Trail is an easy hike of 6.2 kilometres away from the resort. Starting from Kasauli Club, the trail ends at the Air Force Station, close to Sunset Point. If photography is your forte then you must trek to this nature trail and get some blue moon shots. Capture yourself amidst the beautiful flora or capture the birds having a good time around you, just in case birdwatching interests you.

Kasauli Mall Road - 11 Minutes Drive

Mall Road is a much-loved tourist spot in Kasauli. Is just 4.1 km away from the resort. Its vibrant markets, lovely little food joints and several renowned attractions close to it. This place is full of fun and noise as it is packed with a number of big and small shops and eating joints. Here you can shop for beautiful woollen clothes, souvenir items, local artefacts and a range of other household stuff. You come here and just take a stroll on the road to experience the quaint town's culture.

The interiors of a church - Rosetum Kasauli

Heritage Christ Church - 14 Minutes Drive
Located in the centre of the city with a vibrant mall road around it. Is Just 3.8 km away from the resort. This church is a popular tourist spot. It was constructed in the year 1853 and was built with the grandeur of the Gothic style of architecture.

Kasauli Breweries - 5 Minutes Drive
One of the oldest breweries in the country, the Solan brewery which is 13 km, also known as Kasauli Brewery and Distillery was started back in the 1820s by Edward Dyer. He brought the equipment from Scotland and England because of the availability of spring water and Scotland's kind of temperature.

A scenic landscape in India - rosetum Kasauli
A train moving past a field - Rosetum Kasauli

Toy Train Ride at Solan - 15 Minutes Drive
Kalka to Shimla toy train runs on a narrow-gauge track and is known for its dramatic views of the hills and surrounding villages. A part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, the train takes on a ride amongst vast green hills and deodar and pine forests. One can take a trip from Dharampur (10 km from Kasauli) and take a train to Barog and return. Barog has a huge tunnel that takes 3 minutes to cover. The tickets can be booked through IRCTC and other partner websites.

Sunset Point - 15 Minutes Drive
Sunset Point in Kasauli. It is just 5.4 km away from the resort. Is a popular yet very quiet spot to enjoy the sunset, pine-laid landscapes, valleys and sceneries. It is the best place in Kasauli to visit with your loved ones for a tranquil, ethereal experience. The stunning views might leave you speechless.  

Rosetum Kasauli - Sunset point near mountains
The tip of a mountain - Rosetum Kasauli

Monkey Point - 25 Minutes Drive
It Is around 7 km away from the resort. This locale got its name from a mythological tale stating that Lord Hanuman stopped by and put his foot here while returning from his quest. There is a Hanuman temple that now rests in the area where he was said to have landed. The Monkey Point offers a great bird's-eye view of the vicinity. You could gaze at the picturesque landscape as you sit and relax in the calm ambience.

Gurudwara Sri Guru Nanakji - 4 Minutes Drive
The prominent Gurudwara is located around 900 m from the resort. It is a 10 minutes walk from Rosetum Kasauli. This Gurudwara is one of the most culturally relevant places in the area that play a huge part in Kasauli's rich heritage. It is a good place to pray and pay respect to the Sikh gurus. The impressive architecture and calming atmosphere add to the charm of this spiritual abode. 

A gurudwara in India - Rosetum Kasauli

In conclusion, Kasauli offers a treasure trove of experiences for every traveller. Whether it's the tranquillity of the Gilbert Trail, the vibrant hustle of Mall Road, the historical grandeur of Heritage Christ Church, or the traditional brews at Kasauli Breweries - there's a slice of this hill station for every taste. The Toy Train Ride at Solan and the serene Sunset Point provide breathtaking views of the landscape, offering moments of introspection and appreciation for nature's artistry. For those seeking spiritual solace, Monkey Point's panoramic views and the cultural significance of Gurudwara Sri Guru Nanakji are not to be missed. Each of these locales is a crucial part of Kasauli sightseeing and represents the best places to see in Kasauli. Together, they weave the fabric of an unforgettable visit, leaving you with memories and stories to cherish.